Welcome to the web design portfolio of Jessica Bristow (née Sheets). I'm finishing up my first year as a web design student at Mesa College, so I figured I should have a place on the web to track and showcase my progress. This site and its contents will hopefully grow along with my skills. Please take a look at what I've already done on the Web and Graphics pages, and if you'd like, read my biography on the About page.

This Semester

Here is a list of courses that I've taken for the Spring 2010 semester, along with some of the skills and programs I've learned for each course:

  1. WEBD 168: Cascading Style Sheets CSS
    • CSS
    • Dreamweaver
  2. CBTE 177: Adobe PDF Creation
    • Acrobat X
  3. CBTE 153: Database Development with Access
    • Microsoft Access
  4. MULT 112: Beginning Flash
    • Flash

The following is a list of technologies that I am either familiar or proficient with:

XHTML CSS Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Dreamweaver PC & Mac

Why Web Design?

I've always been a creative person, and I was very into web site design from about 2000-2005. It was just a hobby for me, which I ended up dropping when college/work/life started to keep me more busy than they had in the past. While I knew a lot about the basics of HTML, I never really learned how to do web design the right way. That's just what I'm doing now, and I'm enjoying it!